Electronic device maker WEM has constantly sought new ways to broaden the boundaries of electrosurgery.

This led to designing devices that correspond to the high levels required by hospitals, thus highlighting the brand's profile for this market in which the WEM signature stands for guaranteed precision and reliability WEM has been active in Brazil since 1985, when it started making fetal heartbeat and blood flow detectors and a low-cost portable scalpel for minor surgery.

In 1987 WEM developed its first electric scalpel for use in hospital operating rooms, and was the first to launch transistorized electrosurgical units. Since then WEM has gradually advanced in the field of electrosurgery. WEM's range of products today consists of microprocessor controlled electronic scalpels, argon plasma coagulators, aspirators, cardiotocographs, fetal heartbeat detectors and an extensive range of electrosurgery accessories.

Its work is recognized in Brazil and worldwide for continuous improvement of quality and commitment to the international safety levels required for electromedical devices.

WEM complies with all Brazilian and international electromedical safety standards. Its products are approved by Inmetro and follow Good Manufacturing Practices set by Brazil's Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). It was the first Brazilian company to make electronic scalpels and meet CE and FDA requirements in the European and North American markets.


Supplying high-tech solutions and medical devices for use in surgical procedures to develop surgical technique in Brazil and worldwide, pursuing excellence for its products and meeting surgeons' needs.


WEM currently has around 60 sales offices and representations for its products with a structure of more than 200 vendors (marketing and technical support specialists) covering Brazil and 62 countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Due to its safety and reliability, customers include reputable public institutions, federal universities and the leading private hospitals, clinics and veterinarians in Brazil.

In Brazil - where it is market leader - WEM supplies high technology devices for the Ministry of Health and state and municipal health departments.

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